If you want to customize the header or top links in magento2 , please follow the below steps to do customization in the layout file. We want to add extra link, like “My Checkout” or “My Cart” in header need to do changes in the below file. Step 1:  Add below… Continue Reading How to add header/top links in magento2?

This blog explains how to display the custom attribute like “video” in product detail page magento2.x Follow the below steps to create an custom attribute in product view/detail page. Step 1: Go to below path in magento2.x , to create a new attribute as “video” in admin dashboard. Store->Attributes->Product-> Create… Continue Reading How to Add custom attribute video link in product details page?

Please find below steps to complete the installation. *Note: Before going to install any version of Magento, Please check below link to download your favorite Magento version with Sample data or without Sample data. Download Link Click Here (All Versions of Magento) If you don’t like to read too much, Watch below video… Continue Reading How to install magento 2.x via XAMPP for Beginners

Using “mysqldump”, you can backup a local database and restore it on a remote database using single CLI command. Please followbelow practical examples on how to restore and backup Exporting a single DB: If you want to export a single database of “guardmax” and dumps the output of demo1.sql Syntax:… Continue Reading How to Dump/Back up database using CLI